Our aim is to build mothers’ communities of sharing and support to create a clear and compelling vision of what it means to be human–and to fight to stay human.

We want to build mothers’ communities of resistance to fight against: 1) corporations intent on training children to be one-dimensional consumers; and 2) the increasing encroachment of commercial and technological values into the creation of human life—powerful forces undermining our humanity.

We are doing this work in collaboration with: 1) the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood and other organizations focused on ending the commercialization of childhood; and 2) the Center for Genetics and Society and other organizations promoting the responsible use and effective governance of new genetic, reproductive, and other human biotechnologies.

Through BioConversations, a collaboration with the Center for Genetics and Society, the Jamestown Project, and Public Conversations Project, we are leading an initiative to raise awareness and promote a vigorous public conversation about the implications of new technologies that could alter our human nature.

Through radio-blogging through Mothers for a Human Future Radio, our Internet radio program, we are working to spark a mother-informed, international public conversation about what it means to be human, what values are essential to our humanity, and what we can do to nurture them and pass them onto our children and our children’s children.

We are intent on reaching out–across political differences–to mothers who share our views about the threats to our humanity and the important role that mother world values can play in rescuing us.