The United States is driven by an excess of the values of the money world. We have seen what that has done to the economy. It is time for us to confront what it is doing to us as human beings. For three decades, advertisers have been training our children to be life-long consumers. This effort has hollowed out our cultural understanding of what it means to be human. In this consumer world view, human beings are not seen as whole people, but rather as bundles of instincts and desires to be satisfied at will. They are seen as objects and means to ends.

We have come to this diminished view of the human person at a crucial moment. For the first time in human history, we are close to being able to manufacture our own children. A growing number of scientists are seriously advocating re-engineering the human species and creating a new, man-made species of human being. Human beings will soon be called upon to make profound decisions about whether or not to go down the “post human” road.

The values of the money world, self-indulgence, instant gratification, and materialism, have already led to the commercialization of childhood and are now propelling us toward a future in which there will be no limits on new technologies that could lead to the objectification and commodification of human beings.

At Mothers for a Human Future, we believe there is a better path. We believe that the values of the “mother world”, connectedness, sacrifice,  and stewardship, are among the few remaining sources that can help us set limits— and preserve our humanity.